Warrington Commercial Property Market thriving

The commercial property market in Warrington is booming! An article in the Manchester Evening News this week reported that investors bought property worth £80m in the town during 2012, up 285 % on for 2011.

More than one million square feet of commercial property transactions were completed last year, according to the report by Warrington & Co, the public/private partnership to promote economic development and physical regeneration in Warrington.

And the office market has got off to a healthy start in 2013 with more than 60 per cent of last year’s total already achieved in the first three months.

All this makes investing in Warrington very attractive at the moment, as all the new businesses will bring new residents looking for somewhere to live.

Luckily Warrington is one of the areas PAL specialises in, so keep an eye on our listings to get your chance of investing in a up and coming market.